Department of Interventional radiology

Department of Interventional radiology


The Nims Hospital is Best Radiology Hospital in Nagpur is renowned for its exceptional Radiology department, which is equipped with state-of-the-art medical imaging technology. The department features the latest and most advanced CT scan machine available in the market, the Brilliance iCT Essential 256 Slice CT. This cutting-edge CT scanner is known for its speed and accuracy, allowing for quick and precise diagnosis. The machine incorporates a clear ray collimator that reduces scattered radiation by three times, resulting in exceptional image quality with no artifacts. With the NanoPanel3D detection technology, there are no geometrical distortions or artifacts in the images, ensuring crystal clear visuals. These high-quality images assist medical professionals in making effective and efficient clinical decisions. Furthermore, the reduced radiation doses delivered by this machine help minimize risks to patients.

The hospital’s Radiology department also houses the latest INGENIA 3.0 Testa Digital Broadband MRI System by Phillips. This MRI machine significantly enhances MR image clarity, speed, and expandability. It enables easy access to emerging applications like body and cardiac imaging, while also providing new enhancements for established applications such as neuro and musculoskeletal imaging. The advanced technology of this MRI machine enables scans to be completed in less than 8 minutes on average, ensuring a quick and efficient diagnostic process.

In addition to the CT and MRI machines, the department offers advanced sonography, Bone Mineral Density Test (BMD), and mammography technology. The hospital’s CR system ensures high-quality digital X-ray images that can be easily shared with consultants via email on their smartphones. This digital imaging capability facilitates prompt consultations and streamlined communication among medical professionals.

The Radiology department at Nims Hospital prides itself on its commitment to utilizing the latest and most advanced imaging technologies, ensuring accurate diagnoses, and providing high-quality patient care

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